Providing specialist osteopathic care for your dog throughout the South East of England. 

Canine osteopathy provides a holistic approach to relieve pain, resolve poor behaviour, improve performance and minimise the risk of injury and can be of great benefit for the health and vitality of all types of dogs, including competition dogs.

We continually strive for excellence and have a passion for helping dogs lead pain free lives and reach their full potential. Our values are derived from underlying osteopathic concepts and principles, as well as by keeping up to date with current research.

Dogs are all unique and therefore treatments are fully tailored to their individual needs, allowing them to reach optimal health and well-being and therefore perform to the best of their ability. 

The collaboration between osteopaths and vets is crucial; hence why we have teamed up with Lingfield Lodge Veterinary Surgery. We work closely alongside vets and other specialists such as hydro-therapists to ensure the best all-round management of your dog.

What is Canine Osteopathy?

Osteopathy is a gentle hands-on approach to treating a wide range of issues; with the aim of restoring and maintaining optimal health and well-being. Our treatment approach not only focuses on the identified areas of dysfunction but also takes into consideration the entire musculoskeletal framework of the dog; this enables fast positive change to occur with lasting long-term benefits. 

Osteopathic techniques used during treatment will be carefully selected and tailored for your dog's specific needs, these include;

  • joint mobilisations & manipulations
  • soft tissue massage
  • myofascial release techniques
  • muscle stretching
  • cranial release techniques
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Such techniques allow positive changes to occur within your dog's musculoskeletal system by positively influencing their circulatory, lymphatic and nervous system. These all contribute to achieving ultimate health and well-being; therefore enabling your dog to feel great and achieve optimal performance. 

Benefits of Osteopathy

Osteopathic treatment can help your dog recover from injury and is also a means of preventative care by reducing asymmetries, improving mobility and minimising the occurrence of injury. The benefits include;

  • Pain relief
  • Enhancing and optimising performance
  • Improved bio-mechanical balance
  • Improved mobility and function
  • Improved stride length and cadence
  • Reduced injury occurrence
  • Faster recovery from injury
  • Reduced stiffness
  • Relief from arthritic pain
  • Managing behavioral issues